KEX has identified key ESG Topics that create significant value throughout our operations, the environment, and our stakeholder’s expectations. We focus on the three primary pillars of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) aspects of sustainability and identified the purpose and vision of KEX’s directions in what we believe we can create a positive impact to the future of sustainability in the industry. The vision gives a general overview on the ESG topic that will be emphasised on later by using the strategy framework. KEX truly believes that these ESG focus topics will help guide the company to develop in a more sustainable manner.

3-Year Emerging Focus

Economic and Governance Management

Service Quality and Customer Relationship Management

Focus on enhancing service quality & customer relationship management by orientating KEX services based on customer-centric approach.

Innovation Management

Drive innovation forward through investments and R&D of new products and services to ensure good user experience, accessibility, convenience and social inclusion for all.

Cybersecurity and Data Privacy

Ensure a secure information management system and handling of personal data to enhance a safe and secure internal system and avoid all information breaches.

Environmental Management

Green Economy

Align our business activities with Thailand’s ambition of achieving Net Zero by 2065 through waste segregation, route planning and deployment of renewable energy and Evs.

People Management

Human Capital Development

Upskill employees in all levels to ensure the competencies and abilities to rotate between departments without major disruption.

Talent Attraction and Retention

Create culture that suits the future of talent mobility within the company and enhance quality of life and work-life balance through our well-being programmes.

Strategic goals

Economic and Governance Management Environmental Management People Management
0 data leakage Mission to Net Zero 2050 Employee engagement index to be at 80%
99% Kerry Service Level (KSL) 100% sustainable packaging in 2026 Numbers of internal talents for senior management roles increase by 30%
Launch NPS as client satisfaction as brand recognition measure 10% carbon emission reduction, compared with 2021 emission 80% of the talent pool and critical roles are retained
Kerry University is fully established to provide continuous learning opportunities for Kerry employees at all levels