KEX is committed to being the leader in doing our business with professionality, transparency and integrity that is sustainably successful and able to create long term values to all stakeholders. The Board of Directors that has vision, responsibility, and acts as a role model in organizational leadership, constitutes important factors in the Company’s successful business operations and in paving the way for the to be an organization that adheres to high ethical standards, continuous improvement, and creating sustainable business value.

In order for the management to be effective, transparent, and accountable, and in line with the good governance practice, the Board of Directors will oversee and develop the business operations to achieve healthy operating results, stay abreast of the ever-changing business conditions, and cultivate constructive relationships with the society. Priority will be given to the business operations with adherence to ethical values, respect of the rights of others, accountability to shareholders and stakeholders, sufficient disclosure of information, transparency in the business operations, as well as building up the Company to be the organization that supports good causes for the society and the environment, and is free of corruption.

Corporate Governance Policy
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Supplier Code of Conduct
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Whistle Blower Policy
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Tax policy
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Code of Business Conduct
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Corporate Social Responsibility Policy
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Risk Management Policy
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Anti-Corruption and Anti-Fraud Policy
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Summary of securities trading policy for directors, executives and employees
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Articles of Association
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In case of any suspicion or concerns on non-compliance with Corporate Governance Policy, Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy, and Code of Business Ethics, please e-mail to the Audit Committee at

We will investigate and feedback to the reporter. Further, your information will be effectively safeguard and kept confidential.

Whistleblowing Procedure