Kerry Express, A Miracle of Thailand.


Kerry Express has faced many extraordinary challenges in the past year brought about by recurring recessionary trends and the aftermath of the pandemic. We are, however, confident that these issues are about to recede in 2023, with Thailand’s economic recovery backed by the revival of the tourism industry and domestic demand rebounding trajectory.

Being able to maintain our position as Thailand’s No. 1 brand for five consecutive years is the manifestation of the strong commitment and robust drive among all of us to serve our customers’ best interests. Moving the Company to a higher calibre in the midst of changing circumstances is key to our efforts in the past year, and will surely result in improved values and services to our customers in the short and medium terms. Such efforts include the introduction of a new pricing strategy, followed by a cost optimisation initiative with the key objective of lowering running costs while reducing wastage to ensure Kerry Express’ excellence is delivered with affordability and profitability for all.

We look forward to reaping our efforts in improving our work. In this regard, we have continued with innovations by introducing new operational concepts, innovating into higher technology such as automation upgrades, investing in border products delivery and upskill enhancement plan for our staff. Kerry Express, in cooperation with our overseas partners, is also developing an extension into international express services, thus taking the advantages of establishing Thailand as a regional logistics hub.

In an effort to gear up towards the 2050 Net Zero vision, we have published Kerry Express Sustainability Report for three consecutive years, highlighting our current and future ESG initiatives. Such a milestone marks our company’s inaugural steps in its sustainability roadmap towards better service quality and greater responsibility to all stakeholders.

As we drive our company to a higher level of success, it is our fervent desire to serve our customers with the best quality services and be the delivery pride of Thailand as we strive to continuously return values to all of our customers, staff and stakeholders in the coming years. Thank you.

Mr. Kledchai Benjaathonsirikul
Chairman of Board of Directors


2022 was another challenging yet transformative year for Kerry Express as we celebrated our 16th year. Now that the global pandemic is coming to an end, we are optimistic with our long term future as consumer spending will slowly resume its upward trajectory trend. Having said that, we are now dealing with short term post-pandemic ripple effects like fluctuating fuel prices, inflation, and labour market distortions that have brought us major setbacks in 2022.

A responsible market leader like us must stay agile, prudent, and adaptive in response to this short-term turbulence. Hence, at the juncture of embracing 2023, we took a drastic step in looking inwards and discovering measures to improve efficiency, productivity, and creativity with the launch of the LEAN programme.

This LEAN programme is thoroughly designed based on the commitment to internal improvements and the objective to return Kerry Express to a profitable state. What this means is that we will reprioritise and focus on our core business so that our people will be more focused on delivering what is best for the Company. At the same time, we are expediting investments to drive operational efficiency, which include speeding up our procurement on machines, systems, and equipment to bring our running costs down immediately, backed by automated solutions to drive efficiency, reduce wastage and manual errors.

There is no golden winning formula in our business. Instead, I believe in ‘non-stop improvement’ to ensure such efforts are implemented in the spirit of embracing change. One thing is for sure, our promise to deliver Kerry Express excellence to every corner of Thailand remains uncompromised.

I am confident about what lies ahead in 2023. With our transformational move in adapting to change, we are ready to prepare ourselves for bigger market growth as the economy recovers and continue our pursuit for the next breakthrough of success.

Mr. Alex Ng
Chief Executive Officer