Respect for Human Rights is “ a Must ” because everyone deserves to be treated equally with respect and dignity

Each and every human being are entitled to these rights without any discrimination. With over 20,000 staff and their families, KEX is committed to respecting the human rights and dignity of individuals within our operations, supply chain, and communities where we do business.

KEX adopted our first Human Rights Policy and sub-policies in 2020. Over the past three years, the Company's risk assessments and compulsory training have included human rights issues. Through consistent communication with employees at all levels, KEX has become successful in reducing the number of complaints concerning human rights issues.

The risk assessment on human rights has been conducted in 5 angles; child labour, forced labour, discrimination, sexual harassment, and unfair treatment from supervisors. In 2022, KEX has succeeded in launching a new procurement policy and supplier assessment that incorporate human rights screening prior to commencing business or renewing contracts with new/existing partners and vendors. We are relentlessly striving to make the work environment at KEX a society where everyone treats each other with respect in dignity of co-workers.